Community Speculations and Technopolitics is hosted by CoFUTURES at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo, in association with the Science Library, University of Oslo. For 2023, we are partnering with the Center for Science and the Imagination, Arizona State University, for special roundtable discussions.

CoFUTURES is an international research group working on contemporary Global Futurisms headquartered at University of Oslo, with its sphere of activities scattered across various communities, research groups and networks around the world.

​The Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University engages in research, outreach and radical collaborations to reinvent our relationship with the future. From writers, artists, and teachers to scientists, engineers, and technologists, we bring diverse intellectual practices together to spark humanity’s grand ambitions for innovation and discovery. The center serves as a network hub for audacious ideas and a cultural engine for thoughtful optimism through programs like The Weight of Light, which convenes fiction authors, engineers, social scientists, artists, and others to explore a variety of possible futures shaped by a transition to clean energy. We provide a space for productive collaboration among the humanities, arts and sciences, bring human narratives to scientific questions, and explore the full social implications of cutting-edge research.

The event is organized in association with Theory from the Margins, a 16k+ strong network of people interested in themes of thinking through and with the margins from around the world.

The funding for the conference and all its activities is provided exclusively by CoFUTURES with financing from the European Research Council (grant agreement no. 852190), and the Norwegian Research Council (grant agreement no. 300931).

CoFUTURES thanks the European Research Council, the Norwegian Research Council, and the European Commission-Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions for their support. We thank the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, and the Science Library, University of Oslo.



Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay

Patrick Brock

Sami Ahmad Khan

Joel Letkemann

Merve Tabur

Bergsveinn Thorsson

Marta Tveit

Regina Kanyu Wang